Appliance Life Try Some TLC

refrigerator-29345_640Maintenance extends the life of appliances.

When was the last time you did some basic maintenance on our household appliances? Have you thought of your dryer hose or the dust on the refrigerator coils lately?

Often we forget that some TLC, beyond just plugging in and operating, can increase the efficiency and life span of the appliances in our home.

Reading the manuals of home appliances gives specific maintenance information for the model and brand of appliances you own. Creating a home maintenance log helps to keep track of when to do include these maintenance chores into household routines.

Including these routines into household chores can extend the longevity of the appliance. Take that dust on the refrigerator coils it means the machine has to work harder to keep the interior cold making the refrigerator get tired before the end of its average 12 to15 year lifespan. That lint filled dryer vent is not only a fire hazard but the clogged vent can mean more energy is used to dry clothes and the dryer motor needs to work double-time, again shortening the average 14 year lifespan of the appliance.

Repair is often costly and replacement is even more costly. Making things last reduces waste and it is about caring for our possessions.

Here are some TLC tips:

Refrigerator   – keep the door seals clean by using an old toothbrush and some water and baking soda to clean food

-twice a year, pull the machine from the wall to reveal the coils in back (or snap off the grille, if the coils are on the bottom front), unplug the refrigerator, and vacuum with the brush attachment.

Washing machine – ensure that machine is level and hoses are in good repair.

-every month clean gaskets and drums with a solution of vinegar and water

-dry washer drum after using with a towel to avoid mold and mildew growth

Dryer – Clean the lint trap including every three months washing it with detergent to remove lint and chemical residues

-once a year remove and clean entire exhaust duct line from dryer to exterior.

Dish washer – clean filter regularly

-check the nozzles or spray wands and clean clogged holes with a tooth pick or pipe cleaner

– place a cup of vinegar in top rack and run wash cycle to remove soap scum

Toaster – empty the crumb tray and rinse tray

–       turn the toaster upside down(unplugged) and remove crumbs

Microwave – loosen spills and splatters by placing a microwave safe bowl filled with detergent and water or vinegar and water and heat.

We often have a variety household appliances in our households from blow-dryers to vacuums learning to give them some TLC will keep these labour saving devices running optimally. Maybe get reacquainted with your owner’s manuals or read some of the great maintenance tips online -it is worth the effort.


in case you are still not sure:

a burst washing-machine hose can spill hundreds of gallons of water an hour

In 1999 , dryers caused 14,600 fires, 20 deaths, and $86.8 million in property damage in the United States.