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                                                                  Zero Waste Canada celebrates Canada150 with a tour to promote Zero Waste and zero tail pipe emissions.

Zero Waste Canada takes to the road this summer to promote Zero Waste across Canada. Zero Waste Canada will be travelling coast to coast. The road trip in an all-electric Chevy Bolt will be a no emissions journey to promote the message that going green is not just a concept – it is a solution. It is possible for regular Canadians to become climate change actionists by making simple changes and choices such adopting a Zero Waste lifestyle, reducing waste, driving electric vehicles and installing solar panels.

Bolt Across Canada will be showing it is possible to create little or no waste even on a road trip across Canada.

We will also be telling the stories of Zero Waste: the challenges and the successes of Canadians across Canada on the journey to Zero Waste.

Zero Waste Canada will also be doing meet ups and presentations to promote Zero waste.


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