What are you doing to end waste?

                         Be the generation that achieves Zero Waste. Join our community. End the age of waste once and for all.



Start a Zero Waste Chapter in your community

As the authentic Zero Waste movement grows, several national Zero Waste organizations are carrying the Zero Waste banner. For Zero Waste Canada, because we are so large geographically, it is important to make sure we come together collaboratively so each province and territory have an equal voice and representation. From each provincial or territorial Zero Waste chapter, regional, municipal, and First Nations communities can come together to create their provincial or territorial authentic Zero Waste organization that fits in with Zero Waste Canada. As Zero Waste Canada is the Canadian affiliate to Zero Waste International Alliance, we can create a Made in Canada organization together. The authentic Zero Waste movement is growing. Please contact us if you would like to be part of the authentic Zero Waste solution.

Let’s motivate and inspire each other to create a waste-free world.

Everyone can do something and every little bit helps. Are you spreading the word through social media? Perhaps you have done a school project, circulated a petition, created a piece of art,  have a Zero Waste lifestyle tip to share or pressed change in your community. If so, share it with the rest of us by using the participation buttons below or emailing us at info@zerowaste.ca

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