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10 Tweetable Zero Waste Facts because #ZEROWASTEISPOSSIBLE

                                      1.There is no burning in ZERO WASTE                          <<Tweet this>>

                                       2. Zero Waste is better for our health(less toxins)           <<Tweet this>>

                                       3.  Recycling one ton of plastic bottles conserves 3.8 barrels of oil  <<Tweet this>>

                                       4. Zero Waste prevents waste rather than manages waste             <<Tweet this>>

                                       5. Canadians waste $31 billion of food every year, 47% wasted in the home   <<Tweet>>

                                       6. Plastic products contribute 7% by weight and 30% by volume to municipal solid waste   <<Tweet>>

                                       7.1 lb. of newspaper can be recycled to make 6 cereal boxes     <<Tweet>>

                                       8.Landfills sites account for about 38% of Canada’s total methane emissions  <<Tweet>>

                                       9. The decomposition of organic waste in landfills produces a gas which is composed primarily of methane  <<Tweet>

                                       10. Since 1950, Canadians have consumed as much as all the generations before us combined   <<Tweet>>