Getting annoyed of seeing litter everywhere you go? Zero Waste Canada is actively educating individuals as well as companies that are responsible for the current create-use-dump mentality. Help us out by showing your support of the #DemandZeroWaste campaign

Want to choose a more pro-active approach? Call the company out on social media, and tell them that you #DemandZeroWaste.

Step 1. Take pictures of all the "evidence".

Remember the old saying “pictures or it didn’t happen”? Take a shot of the evidence and make it happen.

Step 2. Share the "evidence" with polluters. Use the hashtag #DemandZeroWaste

Share your images of litter with the company’s logo clearly visible. Use the hashtag #DemandZeroWaste and put pressure on the company to come up with a solution to the litter problem they’re creating.

A great way of sharing your trash pictures with the polluters is Google Local Guides. For example, if you just took an image of a Starbucks cup and you pass by a Starbucks, Google Local Guides will ask you to add an image. Don’t be shy to share your trash images.

Step 3. Tell the world how you feel about this trash culture!

or share them with Zero Waste Canada via Instagram, twitter (@ZeroWasteCanada) or Facebook (Zero Waste Canada). These images will be used to demand more responsible business practices from companies who are nurturing a trash culture.

Together, we can make change happen! Every poster counts.

Step 4. Take Action

Every one of us needs to take action. Together, we can create change. Leaving the responsibility of waste management to government and/or others means that you’re part of the problem. You need to be part of the solution. Every one of us!

Be the change.