Zero Waste Shopping

Refil Cleaning and Shampoo Liquids

Stores catering to shoppers wanting to create Zero Waste lifestyles continue to spring up across Canada. We thought we would list some of the shopping choices across Canada.

Bulk Barn

Bulk Barn a Canadian chain of retail stores across Canada offering bulk foods now gives customers the option of bringing their own containers. With more than 250 outlets, stores can be found from Dartmouth Nova Scotia to Grand Prairie Alberta to Courtenay British Columbia. The Bulk Barn website has a handy store locator that helps find the locations across Canada. With over 4000 products, Bulk Barns have a good selection of beans, grains and cereals, nuts and dried fruits. They also offer bulk bins of products that in other stores can come with lots of packaging that may not be recyclable. Instead of buying packaged cookies, tea or coffee, candy or chips these products are also available in the bulk bins. Shoppers can also find bulk cleaning supplies and some dry pet foods.

Salt Spring Island

Green is a low impact Zero Waste grocery store on Salt Spring Island. As Canada’s first Zero Waste grocery  both bulk foods and fresh foods are offered. Many of the fresh vegetables and fruits and bread are local. As a grocery store Green also carries products like dairy and household products with either minimal or recyclable packaging. The grocery has an option for customers to bring their own containers and bags.


 The Soap Dispensary is the first refill store in Vancouver dedicated to soaps, cleaning products and personal care products. Many of the products offered are either locally made or from local suppliers. Customers can bring their own containers or bags to fill. The Soap Dispensary offers products like deodorant and tooth paste in refillable options. As well as refillables, shoppers may purchase non-plastic utensils, containers and straws as well as reusable feminine hygiene products. The store also offers workshops on topics like soap making.

The Zero Waste Market currently is a pop-up market that often takes place at Patagonia. The Zero Waste market uses social media to promote the dates of their regular events. The market allows shoppers to bring their own containers and they also have sanitized containers available for filling. Products include organic bread, bulk dry goods and cleaning products. The Zero Waste Market has plans to have their own permanent location where products will be 100% package-free.

Roberts Creek

Eco-Freako located in Roberts Creek BC started 20 years ago making reusable organic cotton hankerchiefs. They now offer a variety of products including reusable coffee filters, salves, soaps and bedding. Eco-Freako also offers online sales.


Nu Grocery hasn’t opened yet but it is expected to open this summer. Nu Grocery’s goal is to offer almost every daily grocery need except meat or fish. Customers will be able to bring their own containers and bags to fill.


Épicerie Loco is a store with almost no packaging. Shopper can bring their own containers and bags to fill. The organic, environmentally- friendly and local options include baked products, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat substitutes, dry bulk foods, kombucha and beer.

Méga Vrac is the largest Zero waste store in Montreal. The store offers coffee, vinegars, oils, honey, dried fruits,and beans in their selection of bulk foods. Customers may use their own bags and containers to fill. Fresh fruit and vegetables are also available.


Unpacked Halifax will be opening as a pop-up store in May 2017. They will be offering package-free food, home and body products. Social media will be used to promote pop-up dates and locations.

This is definitely not a complete list of Zero Waste shopping opportunities across Canada, Our apologies to those we did not include. Zero Waste Canada will continue to write about and showcase the businesses and individuals that are helping Canadians lead a Zero Waste life. If you have a Zero Waste store you would like us to include, we would love to hear from you.