Volunteer Opportunities

Join our volunteer team and contribute to the Zero Waste movement in Canada.

Available Volunteer Positions

Additional Volunteer Positions include:

Volunteer Job Description: Education and Youth Outreach

The Education and Youth Outreach Volunteer is responsible for engaging with academic institutions and youth groups to promote Zero Waste policies and Zero Waste Canada.  In this role you will seek opportunities to further the awareness of zero waste through presentations, through ZWC resources and training programs, and other partnership activities. You will develop creative strategies to reach and engage youth and work closely with the ZWC team to further goals and objectives.

Duties may include:

  • Researching potential contacts for ZWC
  • Corresponding and meeting with educators and youth leaders
  • Coordinating/delivering presentations
  • Developing proposals for youth involvement in ZWC
  • Assisting with outreach to other partners and associations

As volunteer coordinator of Education and Youth outreach in 2021, Deanna has liaised with post-secondary institutions and youth organizations to raise awareness of Zero Waste Canada and its policies.  This has resulted in presentations to schools and groups including Algonquin College, Carleton University, OCAD U, and World Changing Kids. In addition, Zero Waste Canada is engaged in a partnership with Scouts Canada to support the sustainability education of today’s youth.

Volunteer Job Description: Zero Waste Program Development

The Zero Waste Program Development Volunteer is responsible for supporting the research, development and delivery of Zero Waste program content.  In this role you will create a framework for course goals and course structure as well as seeking relevant and current industry information.  You will work closely with the ZWC team to broaden the organizations’ educational offering.

Duties may include:

  • Surveying existing literature
  • Liaising with industry professionals and prospective learners
  • Identifying topics of relevance and importance
  • Prepare course outlines
  • Assist in content development and delivery

Volunteer Job Description: Zero Waste Education Community Volunteer

The Zero Waste Education Community Volunteer is responsible for connecting with cities, municipalities, communities or organizations seeking champions for Zero Waste ideas, programs and practices.  In this role, you will support the Zero-Waste Cities volunteer program, engaging volunteers as individuals or a group of individuals on behalf of Zero Waste Canada to champion Zero Waste policies and practices.

Duties may include:

  • Creating program goals and strategic plan for community Zero Waste Cities
  • Connecting with community leaders seeking engagement in program and seeking volunteers
  • Preparing and delivering training for community volunteers
  • Assisting in development of materials promoting Zero Waste Cities program and relevant resources
  • Providing ideas and support to volunteers in the communities regarding events, materials and policies

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