Business Outreach Officer

Business Outreach Officer


Zero Waste Canada is a non-profit grassroots organization, dedicated to end the age of wasting through better design & education!

We work with individuals, businesses and communities across Canada to support continuous reuse of resources and promote the elimination of landfills and waste-to-energy plants.

Here at Zero Waste Canada, we know that a future without waste is a big commitment and requires passion, focus, and lots of love for our big blue planet. A future without waste can only happen if we all are committed to making behavioural changes that put our environment, not ourselves, in the centre of attention. In our organization we follow the principle that every individual has the potential to be a Zero Waste Hero who can help end the age of waste. But we also know that together, we are stronger than any one individual alone can be. This is where you come in. Join us in building the Zero Waste community you want to live in.


We are looking for a Business Outreach Officer to join our Vancouver Chapter. The Zero Waste passionate Business Outreach Officer will help establish connections with industry leaders who have already embraced Zero Waste practices or seem like good candidates to make that shift.


You have experience in networking and building lasting relationships with environmentally focused businesses and organizations. You are comfortable reaching out to new contacts and “making the first step.”

Zero Waste Canada embraces various forms of business relationships, because we feel that a future without waste requires getting many businesses on board. This can be through corporate sponsorships, business memberships, and Zero Waste Certification for eligible businesses.

Excellent English verbal and written communication skills as well as demonstrated ability to deliver presentations are a must.