Zero Waste Associate Program

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    Become a Zero Waste Associate

    The Zero Waste Associate program provides individuals with an in-depth understanding of peer reviewed and
    internationally accepted Zero Waste practices and policies.

    After completion, an official certificate is issued and the Zero Waste Associate designation is granted by
    Zero Waste Canada.

    It is open to all individuals looking to take their Zero Waste knowledge to the next level, and learn how to
    advocate for, as well as implement, internationally accepted Zero Waste policies and practices within
    decision-making situations. More specifically, this program will review how to incorporate Zero Waste
    policies and practices at the facility level, as well as the wider community level.

    Whether a small business or community center, a large complex or venue, whether you represent a public,
    private or non-profit institution, any facility can work towards Zero Waste!

    The Zero Waste Associate program in addition opens the door to the Zero Waste Facility Associate program,
    which trains individuals on how to walk their own facility, or another facility, through Zero Waste Canada’s
    Zero Waste Facility Certification. If you’re an individual looking to get hired, a consultant looking to
    assist a client through the certification process, or a facility representative looking to certify your own
    facility, this course pathway is for you.

    Course Highlights:

    • Self-run course: you can go through the program material at your own pace, based on your own schedule
      and learning process
    • Pre-Requisites: Zero Waste Fundamentals
    • Zero Waste Canada (ZWC) Official Certificate of completion
    • Zero Waste Associate Designation
    • After completion, you will be eligible to move to the Zero Waste Facility Associate (ZWFA) Program and
      Designation, as well as the Zero Waste Community Associate (ZWCA) Program and Designation