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Dr. Paul Connett joins Zero Waste Canada team

Zero Waste Canada is proud to announce the newest member of our board of directors: Dr. Paul Connett.

Dr. Paul Connett, an author, scientist, and scholar is well known for his advocacy work for Zero Waste. With a PHD in chemistry specializing in Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology, and over 28 years of research on waste management, as a scientist and scholar, Paul is a knowledgeable authority on the negative impacts from waste incinerators, as well as an inspiring Zero Waste educator.  Paul’s research has taken him to communities around the world to profile successful Zero Waste initiatives. Dr. Cornett’s current book, The Zero Waste Solution is a toolkit for un‐trashing the planet and creating Zero Waste communities “The Zero Waste Solution is for all those concerned about humanity’s health and environment. Essential reading for anyone fighting landfills, incineration,
over packaging, and the other by products of our unthinking and irresponsible throwaway society.”

Jeremy Irons, actor, executive producer of TRASHED
Paul’s deep caring for social and environmental issues has led to a life of activism and service to others.
Paul can be seen in the Jeremy Irons documentary TRASHED.

On October 2nd 2014, Paul will be the featured keynote speaker for Alternatives to Incinerators & Landfills; Zero Waste International Alliance Conference and Dialogue, Nanaimo B.C.

Zero Waste Canada is honoured to have this beloved statesman of Zero Waste, as part of the Zero Waste Canada’s team

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