Zero Waste Shopping Directory

You asked, we listened. We’re happy to provide you with a list of businesses where you can shop with your own containers. To get started, we were focusing our efforts on grocery stores, however, this listing will expand over time to include other business verticals as well. Stay tuned!

While we encourage you to check back often to see what new businesses have made it onto our list, we are totally cool if you’d like to download this list. After all, it won’t save its purpose if it’s just sitting on our server, unused.


You’re our eyes and ears. If you come across any listings that you feel need to be updated (e.g. that indicate that an item is sold “in bulk” when in reality it is wrapped in packaging), please let us know and we’ll do our best to adjust our records quickly:


A statistical overview of the responses, we are providing below.

Suggest a Zero Waste Business

Is your favourite business not on the list? This could be because they didn’t complete our questionnaire, or it could be because we simply weren’t aware of it. Please feel free to recommend a low-waste business below.


– It is located in Canada.
– It allows customers to bring their own containers or allows low-waste shopping in another way.
– No greenwashing!
– We’re focusing on waste reduction, not waste management. A business that focuses only on recycling doesn’t qualify.

Thank you in advance for your submission and for helping us expand this resource. Our database wouldn’t be possible without you!

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