Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe that a waste-free world is possible without impacting quality of life.

Our vision is creating a world without waste.

Our mission is to help individuals, businesses, and governments transition to a circular economy, making the use of landfills, incinerators, and waste-to-energy plants obsolete.

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Our Goals and Objectives

1. Advocate for the implementation of Zero Waste policies, legislation and initiatives at all levels of government and to provide the public and government with information about Zero Waste.

2. Utilize a credible method for determining Zero Waste best practices and maintain and disseminate information about them.

3. Support and promote waste prevention initiatives locally, nationally, and globally and provide a forum where best practices on resource recovery can be discussed and disseminated.

4. Liaise with other international Zero Waste organizations to stay current with issues and best practices from around the world.

5. Support and promote redesign to avoid waste from manufacturers and packagers.

6. Promote and support the concept of closed loop resource utilization.

7. Develop strategies to defeat/minimize all institutional and ideological barriers to zero waste and identify supportive behaviours, incentives and attitudes.

8. Create change through interconnected long-term and short-term strategies that support change-makers.

9. Be the internationally recognized official Canadian Zero Waste organization.

10. Bring the age of waste and wasting to an end.