Zero Waste Canada loves presenting. Over the years we have brought hundreds of individuals of all age groups closer to Zero Waste through presentations and training all across Canada and even internationally.

Most of our presenters are based on the West Coast but we’re open to speaking engagements across the country.

What we ask...

When you invite us to speak at your event, please ask your participants to help you turn your event into a Zero Waste event. Our volunteers are happy to assist with this.


Here are some suggestions:


* Encourage participants not to bring single-use items of any kind to the event; not even “compostable” single-use items (if you’re curious why, please ask). Seriously, it breaks our heart talking at events where the room is filled with Starbucks and Tim Hortons paper cups, paper plates, “compostable” cutlery, etc.


* Encourage your participants to bring a coffee mug and we’d be happy to provide the coffee (and a few spare mugs), if need be.


* Have no items at the event that are packaged. Yes, this takes a bit of planning, but we’re happy to assist. For example, you can provide your local bakery with a tray and ask them to place the cookies or whatever you order onto that tray.


* Please, no bottled water! Instead, provide a jug with water for your participants, who brought their own mugs, right? Again, we’re happy to help out on that front if need be. Just ask. 😉


* Alternatively, you can often rent plates, cutlery, mugs and cups from catering companies. Yes, this might be a bit pricier than single-use items. For our planet, this valuable step is priceless.


* If you’d like to receive more guidance on how to make your event a Zero Waste event, please feel free to reach out and we’re happy to assist. Together, we can do it!

Invite us to present at your event