Press Release

Wake-Up Call for Zero Waste

January 2, 2018

The recent announcement on behalf of the Government of China that it intends to ban the import of certain grades of paper and plastic materials as scrap resources by the end of 2017, comes as a wake-up call for our waste and resource management sector here in North America that it is time to re-evaluate policies and practices and adjust to the changing markets.

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Open letter to Starbucks

September 6, 2017

Zero Waste Canada focuses on waste reduction for organizations and communities. We have noticed that coffee shops are often in the center of public rants about garbage. In Vancouver alone, there are 2.6 million discarded cups a week, which costs taxpayers $2.5 million every year to clear away.

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Zero Waste Road Trip Bolt Across Canada

April 6 2017

On July 1 2017, Buddy Boyd and Barb Hetherington will be dipping the wheels of their all- electric Chevrolet Bolt in the waters in Victoria BC as they launch a low impact road trip across Canada visiting communities along the way to promote Zero Waste and zero emission transportation.

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