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Take the stuffing out of Christmas

Stuffing is for turkeys. right?

Christmas is a time many of us like to give and sometimes we just go overboard with stuff we bring into our lives. Many of us are finding we are “over-stuffed” with things. All these gifts we give of products and packaging are not a gift to the planet.

This Christmas rethink how you can spread joy and good cheer by gifting less stuff.

Instead of more Christmas cups, more slippers, more scarves, more boxes of chocolates and more stuff that is not used and eventually may be discarded rather than be enjoyed, this Christmas give less material gifts.

Rethink Christmas by putting the spirit back and  give:

  • attention not stuff
  • do things instead of getting things
  • make and share memories
  • give acts of kindness
  • give from the heart


Reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle and most of all reclaim Christmas.