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ZWC Recognized as National Zero Waste Organization

The founding Board of Directors of Zero Waste Canada/Zéro Déchet Canada Ltd. are proud to announce the official launch of the organization. As the National Affiliate of Zero Waste International Alliance, Zero Waste Canada supports the ZWIA definition of no waste to landfill, incineration and the environment and has adopted the Zero Waste Hierarchy.


Zero Waste Canada is the first national non-profit to:

● Promote no-burn, no-bury, authentic Zero Waste solutions.
● Unite businesses, communities and consumers under the principles of Zero Waste.
● Deliver Recognition and Certification programs through it’s Getting to Zero membership program.


Buddy Boyd, Co-Founder and Chair of Zero Waste Canada, declares “Consumers and companies alike are driven towards credible claims of waste diversion, Zero Waste Canada will advocate on their behalf for policy and standards that usher in a circular economy”.

Jamie Kaminski, Co-Founder and Board member, claims “You can’t manage what you don’t measure, therefore Zero Waste Canada has developed the Getting to Zero Program to assist businesses and communities in standardizing Zero Waste efforts”.

Barb Hetherington, Co-Founder and Board member, announces that “in addition to our registration as a non-profit corporation in Canada, we are excited to announce that we were selected to host the 9th annual Zero Waste International Alliance Conference in Nanaimo British Columbia from October 2nd through 4th”.

Local Nanaimo Sustainability Consultant and Board Member Dirk Becker says “Zodiacs can’t stop incinerators, but you can! Become a Citizen Member or Donate. Your assistance is truly impactful”.