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Global Clean Up – Let’s Do It

Canadians would you like to be part of a global clean up day? On September 15, 2018 a massive civic movement to clean up litter and garbage around the globe is planned by Let’s Do It.

The Let’s Do It movement started in 2007, when a group of individuals in Estonia noticing the problem of garbage was being dumped in their beautiful forests decided to make a difference. They organized a countrywide clean up event for one day. They were able by partnering with 500 Estonian organizations to create a very well developed plan to not only clean up the entire country but to map out illegal dump sites.  With massive community support the first clean up in Estonia saw over 50,000 citizens (over 4% of Estonia’s population) participate in cleaning up 10 tonnes of garbage in 5 hours.

Since that first clean up, other counties have used the model to have one day countrywide clean ups. Each Let’s Do It Clean Up has galvanized thousands of people in each country having clean ups. Volunteer citizens picking up garbage has been high: Latvia (210,000 participants), Lithuania (250,000), Portugal (100,000), Slovenia (270,000), Romania (250,000), Albania (147,000), Hungary (200,000), Bulgaria (375,000), Ukraine (500,000), India (54,000), and Philippines (28,000). To date over 113 countries and 16 million volunteers have joined the Let’s Do It movement.

On September 15, 2018, a massive global clean up is planned, uniting countries around the world to create a global effort to clean up the garbage littering the planet. The goal is to bring together people from 150 counties to join together to participate in this one day event. The rationale for 150 countries is that it would be approximately 1/5 of the world’s population. This number represents the estimated amount of people necessary to create lasting change and go beyond just one day of incredible activism.

Trash is a world problem. One need only read the dozens of headlines daily to realize that we have a global problem.

Long Island , Johannesburg , Region of Waterloo ,West Wimmera , Merthyr , Kochuveli are just some of the millions of communities that have problems with illegal dumping.

Could uniting as a global movement help us to increase awareness, change behaviours and create solutions for our trash problems?

September 15th 2018 Let’s Do It!

Let’s Do It is an accredited partner of UNEP and the campaign World Cleanup Day is directly addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Tackling waste pollution, adopting sustainable waste management systems, redesigning and innovating for maximum material recovery will play a significant role in reaching the goals for sustainable development.