Enzo Favoino

Enzo Favoino is the Scientific Coordinator of Zero Waste Europe and Member of the Board of ZWIA; he chairs the Scientific Committee of Zero Waste Italy. He is also coordinating the Zero Waste Research Centre in Capannori, first ZW Municipality in Italy and Europe, and a reference centre for other ZW Communities across Europe.  He’s

Douw Steyn

B.Sc. University of Cape Town (Physics) 1967, B.Sc.(hons.) University of Cape Town (Physics & Applied Mathematics) 1968, M.Sc. University of Cape Town (Physics) 1970, Ph.D.  The University of British Columbia 1980, Post-doctoral Fellow at The University of British Columbia 1980-82, Faculty at the University of British Columbia 1982-present.  Study Leaves: Colorado State University, KNMI, ETH

Pål Mårtensson

Pål Martensson, who also calls himself “the garbage man,” has been dealing with waste and campaigning for zero waste for more than a decade already.  He worked at the Department of Sustainable Waste and Water Department for City of Goteborg for more than ten years, Sweden where he oversaw five resources recovery centres, including the

Dan Phillips

Dan Phillips is a designer/builder working in Huntsville, Texas, who, working with his wife Marsha, builds low-income housing, with unskilled workers, from free, salvage and recycled materials.  Their company is recently trying to move into a commercial market for clients who have a taste for recycling and social entrepreneurship.  Having been associated with the construction

Mike Ewall

Mike Ewall is founder and director of Energy Justice Network (, a U.S.-based network supporting communities threatened by unnecessary and polluting energy and waste facilities, such as biomass and waste incinerators, landfills, and nuclear and fossil fuel power plants.  Active since high school in 1990, Ewall has become a leader in the student and community

Dr. Loys Maingon

Well-known Comox Valley naturalist and educator, Dr. Loys Maingon is a semi-retired Registered Professional Biologist, with special expertise in environmental impacts on ecosystems and water quality.  Dr. Maingon has been involved in teaching environmental studies since 1990 and continues to teach and write in his retirement.  He has sat on international water quality sampling committees for the ISO and