Stephan Vachon

Stephan Vachon is an Associate Professor at HEC Montréal in Operations Management and Logistics. Prior to joining HEC Montréal, he spent 10 years at Western University as an Associate Professor at the Ivey Business School and four years as the Masters of Environment and Sustainability Program Chair (Faculty of Science). Stephan holds a PhD from

Deanna Hammel

Deanna Hammel is passionate about learning and raising awareness of environmental issues and policies such as Zero Waste and ocean conservation.  She was raised in Vineland, Ontario and now lives in Ottawa with her husband, daughter and Siberian husky where she loves to paddleboard and play outside. Deanna enjoys organizing everything from trips to events



Barbara Hetherington is part of the Gibsons Resource Recovery Center team. With her partner, Buddy Boyd, she runs the award winning resource recovery centre in BC. The most recent recognition the GRRC has received is the coveted Best Green Business Award from Small Business British Columbia. Barb has been a Zero Waste advocate and waste



Jamie’s experience is in solid waste management from both a ground level and a policymaking perspective. Jamie’s area of expertise lies within international best practices in Zero Waste, and in respect to internationally accepted Zero Waste policies and programs. He works with fellow policy advisors to create strong, practical and enforceable policies that drive change