Viviana Ramírez-Luna

Viviana is an interdisciplinary research, a Zero Waste activist and entrepreneur, actively tackling waste issues in St. John’s NL through collaboration with local groups and businesses. She is the founder and CEO of Planeet Consulting, a Certified Zero Waste TRUE Advisor and Zero Waste Canada Associate.

Hafsat Adebayo

Hafsat Adebayo is an urban planner, a waste reduction strategist and a community and stakeholder engagement specialist. She is passionate about engaging, educating and collaborating with individuals, communities and businesses on sustainable practices for a better well-being of the people and a sustainable environment. Hafsat leverages a diverse combination of educational background in urban and

Sophie Angoh

Sophie Angoh is currently the Sustainability Coordinator, Emissions Specialist at Explore Edmonton Corporation Edmonton, Alberta where she is in charge of developing Explore Edmonton’s greenhouse gas emissions inventory, emissions reports, summaries, and other content.  Assist in developing new carbon measurement methodology and verification protocols. Aid in developing and providing internal and external training on the

Deanna Hammel

Deanna Hammel is passionate about learning and raising awareness of environmental issues and policies such as Zero Waste and ocean conservation.  She was raised in Vineland, Ontario and now lives in Ottawa with her husband, daughter and Siberian husky where she loves to paddleboard and play outside. Deanna enjoys organizing everything from trips to events