Intro to Zero Waste

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    Zero Waste starts with you

    The “Introduction to Zero Waste” info session intends to promote and introduce Zero Waste best practices
    within the general public answering questions like:

    • WHAT Zero Waste is,
    • WHY Zero Waste is important,
    • WHY go to Zero Waste NOW,
    • and HOW you can make a change!

    Begin your Zero Waste journey today!

    You can watch the webinar recording or contact our team to schedule a tailored info session at your office,
    school or community.

    • Total Duration: 1 h
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    Topics Covered:

    • Introduction to Zero Waste Canada (ZWC) & the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA)
    • Introducing the global problem of waste (including North America’s role), key associated impacts and why
      this has become an increasingly pressing issue
    • Introducing the concept of Zero Waste and where the emphasis lies in a Zero Waste strategy
    • Introducing Zero Waste Canada opportunities for:
      • Businesses/business representatives to connect with Zero Waste
      • Government and non-profit organizations representatives to get involved with Zero Waste
      • Individuals to get involved with Zero Waste