Dr. Loys Maingon


Well-known Comox Valley naturalist and educator, Dr. Loys Maingon is a semi-retired Registered Professional Biologist, with special expertise in environmental impacts on ecosystems and water quality.  Dr. Maingon has been involved in teaching environmental studies since 1990 and continues to teach and write in his retirement.  He has sat on international water quality sampling committees for the ISO and recently retired as Chair of the Canadian Committee for Water Quality Sampling.  He is currently the BC representative for the Canadian Society for Environmental Biology, and a respected member of various professional societies, including the International Association for Impact Assessments. With this company,Aardscan, Dr. Loys Maingon has partnered with Zero Waste consultants in the impact assessment, design and siting of recycling and solid waste facilities. Loys Maingon (MA, PhD, MSc, RPBio) Aardscan Biological and Environmental Ltd.

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