Jamie Kaminski

Member of the Board
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Jamie started out recycling at the young age of nine where he collected cardboard and paper with his father from local businesses in order to take them in for recycling. In 2001 his father Stan Kaminski appointed Jamie the General Manager of HSR Services, running the first single stream recycling facility in BC, located in his home town of Port Coquitlam. Jamie later got involved with electronics recycling, showing industry leadership by being the first private company to set up a contract with Tech Cominco in Trail, BC in order to recycle the CRT monitors from the electronics. By doing this, Jamie made sure that anything hazardous was processed in region and not shipped to developing nations. Since then Jamie has worked on a number of projects and committees, including the Communications and Policy Committee for the Recycling Council of British Columbia as well as their EPR working group. Today Jamie’s main focus of expertise is the commercial industrial sector, working with LEED certified facilities so they can be leaders in environmental sustainability. Jamie’s future projects include moving material up the value chain from recycling to re-use and repair.

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