4 Easy Steps to Begin Your Zero Waste Lifestyle

You might have been thinking about it for a while now. You want to begin your Zero Waste journey, but don’t know where to start. Fear not, our 4 steps to begin your Zero Waste lifestyle will set you up for success. First, don’t panic, there is absolutely no need to get rid of all

Zero Waste Canada Education & Training Programs are now live

Building your knowledge toward Zero Waste Today, the Zero Waste Canada (ZWC) team is very excited to inform you that our online Education & Training Programs are now live and open for registration! The ZWC programs are designed to provide a solid foundation of Zero Waste practices, policies, values, and concepts. They aim to help

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Hear from Lupii Café why Zero Waste is about much more than just waste…

Zero Waste Canada sits down with Lisa Papania of Lupii Café, a Zero Waste coffee shop located in Vancouver. Although born as a coffee shop meant to provide a living example of responsible business, simply referring to Lupii as a coffee shop would be misleading. Find out how Lupii Café epitomizes the phrase “Zero Waste

Spoiled Sew Rotten – Reusable Menstrual Pads

Approximately 20 pads/tampons per month, equating to 240 per year which over the average lifespan of a menstruating female (approximately 40 years worth of periods) gives us the grand total of 9,600 feminine hygiene products used during one woman’s lifetime. Switching to reusable menstrual or incontinence pads is another action that reduces disposable products filling

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Valentine ideas for kids that help teach Zero Waste living skills

Clean teeth and less waste – Bam Brush

Freezer is a lifeline to reduce food waste

Freezing Food - Zero Waste Canada

10 Zero Waste Gifts for Kids

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