Tips to Reduce Plastics

Say no to straws at bars, restaurants, take-out food places and even home. If you must use a straw choose one that is reusable. McDonald’s alone provides single-use plastic straws through 36,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. Encourage your local beverage establishments to have a no straw policy or to switch to paper straws. Support

Vinegar: A Versatile Zero Waste helper

Vinegar is a versatile Zero Waste helper found in most households. The effectiveness and the multi-functionality of this product can help us to reduce our use of toxic products and certainly reduce the number of single function products we bring into our home. Vinegar has mainly been used for cooking and pickling. Vinegar is a

A message to the G7 Heads of State meeting in Taormina, Sicily, May 26-27, 2017

This message is from citizens’ groups from at least 100 countries who are battling existing and proposed incinerators and are supporting positive steps towards Zero Waste. Dear G7 Heads of State, don’t just talk about the circular economy and sustainability, do it! Take active steps to support communities in your countries who are pioneering Zero

How to Repurpose Your Food Waste

There is a serious waste problem not only Canada, but throughout the world.  One of the main issues is that we as consumers are huge contributors. It’s a fact that most households waste an entire bag of groceries worth of food for every five bags bought. That’s a huge percentage. Maybe it’s the casserole you

HandyGirlsYYC making a difference

HandyGirlsYYC is making a difference. This Calgary based group believes in giving back to the community. With group motto of living a simple life, using your imagination and building your future, this group of empowered young women are using “Handy person skills” to build  furniture from recycled materials for newcomers to Canada. This week Zero Waste

This Ain’t a Trash Story

with Mia Lauzon This ain’t a trash story instead it is a story of artistic expression and creating positive change. While the story begins on a beach littered with plastic and other garbage; the ending is up to you. This week, Zero Waste Canada talks with Mia Lauzon, a artist, photographer, environmentalist about her project

Canada is just too good to waste

Canada is just too good to waste. Canada is big, bountiful and beautiful nation is turning 150 this year. All over the country there are celebrations of our history, our achievements our culture and our people. Canada is creating way too much trash as well as consuming resources like they will last forever. As we

Easter’s Hidden Treasures

What's Next? Rodolphe and I found them all. On a beautiful, sunny Easter morning, my boyfriend Rodolphe and I were going on an Easter hunt. But we weren’t hunting hidden eggs. We were hunting hidden trash. And the Easter Bunny must have had a lot of help, because he cannot possibly throw that much garbage – The Future is About Refill soap delivery  For us the future is all about refill. Greening our cleaning is a mandate of most of us choosing a Zero Waste lifestyle. This week, Zero Waste Canada interviews Saponetti.Ca, the soap refill delivery service in Toronto, Ontario. Owner Nikki von Seydlitz explains how Saponentti.Ca offers both convenience and less packaging. How

Zero Waste Road Trip Bolt Across Canada

For Immediate Release: April 6 2017 Contact: Buddy Boyd Bolt Across Canada / Zero Waste Canada 604-740-1425 Couple Bolts Across Canada to Promote Zero Waste and Electric Vehicles On July 1 2017, Buddy Boyd and Barb Hetherington will be dipping the wheels of their all- electric Chevrolet Bolt in the waters in Victoria BC